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    June was a productive month. I was able to read 10 books, and I enjoyed most of them. I have a few favorites as well. I loved The Buried World by Jeff Wheeler, and have already gotten the next book in the series. I binge-read entire Shades Of Magic series and it was fantastic. Half Life was really good and unique YA Sci-Fi. The Secret Notebook was great with interesting historical elements added to it. Other books I read had a lot of potential but didn't hit the mark for me. How was your reading in June? Let me know in the comment section down below, your favorite books of…

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    Djinn is a YA urban fantasy with Djinns as the fantastical creatures. The story is told from Bijou a young teenager's perspective. We follow her move to the new town filled with new beginnings. Bijou has been following her grandmother from place to place uprooting her life. The new town where they planned to settle hoping for a normal life gets turned upside down when supernatural events happen. Bijou finds herself finding truths about herself and her past making her question her whole life. The story started out being promising and then somewhere down the line went downhill for me. I was extremely intrigued by the concept of Djinns and…