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    My very very late – End Of the Year Book Tag!! ??

    Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I have been a bit sick with heavy cold and throat congestion for couple of days now. This video was supposed to go up a week earlier. I know it is still late, but I am a lot busier these days and so getting videos recorded and edited has been difficult. Here are my responses and I hope you enjoy the video. Do leave your responses to the questions in the comment section, I would love to chat. Tag Creator- @ArielBissett Original Tag- https://youtu.be/wlKiCFTVmXI Let’s get into the video –

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    BOOKISH PROMPTS WITH @Bibliobubbles

    Bookish Prompts is my version of a fun interview with fellow book obsessed people on the internet. Today's episode of Bookish Prompts is with fellow bookstagrammer Nidhi better known as Bibliobubbles on Instagram. I have known Nidhi for some time now. She is also one of the loveliest OGs I know from bookstagram. Her bookstagram aesthetics is so beautiful and definitely among some of the best out there in terms of it's aesthetics and presentation. She reads a lot of fantasy and romance and so if that interests you, make sure to check out her content.

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    Bookish Prompts is my version of a fun interview with fellow book obsessed people on the internet. Today's episode of Bookish Prompts is with fellow booktuber/bookstagrammer Ben better known as Overly Average Ben on his platforms. I came across Ben recently on his and Grace's Discord A Court Of Ben And Grace. They were very welcoming and amazing. Ben's channel has a wide variety of great content on his channel. There are skits that are super entertaining and funny, reviews, reading booktuber favorites(an awesome playlist available). Ben reads Fantasy, Lit-fic. Make sure to follow and check out his bookish content.

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    Bookish Thoughts – Ep 1 : Should you return the Kindle Ebooks after reading them?

    The current Booktok trend that’s been making waves in the bookish community for all the wrong reasons is the returning of Kindle Ebooks after reading them. Yes, you heard it right! This is currently trending and has gotten the discussion moving on all of the social media platforms. The Bookish community is speaking up on it. So the first time I came to know about this is when I read an Instagram story about it. I haven’t seen it or heard about it before that. Apparently, on Booktob some of the readers were flexing about returning the Kindle Ebooks after reading them completely regardless of the enjoyment to get a…

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    I am in the mood for another book tag today. So I thought why not do the book blogger confessions. The questions are pretty fun and I love doing these tags. As usual I was not tagged for this post, but I thought this would be an awesome tag to let my followers get to know me as a reader a little better. I am also celebrating 200 follows on my website ✨??? and thank you from the bottom of my heart to ever single one of you who have been with me on this journey. I am grateful for the support and the love you have given me. ??

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    I love when a book can make me laugh-out-loud, spit-your-drinks out and that's exactly these two does for me every single time I read them. I have enjoyed my re-reading of these two and will continue to be my favorite companions for the days I need a cheer up. I do have other favorites I love to read for the feels, but I've Got Your Number and The Rosie Project gives me the laughs and feels together. And right now, we could all agree that laughs and feels will always be the winner combo for us romantics. So these are going to be the winners for today as I haven't…

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    2021!! A NEW YEAR … A NEW JOURNEY…

    2020 has been an interesting year. With the pandemic and being in lockdown, I think we can all safely say that it was a great time for reflection and making changes as well. Getting used to a new routine took a lot of time than expected. Initially, I loved having everyone around. Being a stay-at-home mom of 2, I did have more work, but at the end of the day, my stress and anxiety were a lot less than usual. Also, now by the end of the year, I feel like we all are sick of being in each other’s pockets. Hopefully, 2021 will be a year of new beginnings…