A Quest Style Coming-Of-Age Fantasy !! Springtide Harvest By JD Mitchell | Book Review


TITLE : Springtide Harvest

AUTHOR : JD Mitchell

GENRE : Fantasy, Sword And Sorcery

Intended Age Group: Adult

Pages: 418

DATE OF PUBLISHING : August 22, 2022


The old world is dead. Worse, it was a lie.

Haskell yearns to be a warrior like his grandfather, who broke the orcish hordes, not the unwanted son of a ruthless High City merchant. With nothing but a bag of stolen coin and his grandfather’s sword, he chases glory to the borderlands. There, he hopes to prove himself worthy of his legacy against creatures more fearsome than orcs.
After assembling a band of misfits, including a jaded, street-urchin grifter, orphaned, half-orc child, and a brace of hardened mercenaries, Haskell must face a labyrinthine dungeon, an exploitative, monster-hunting guild, and his own failings as a leader. If traitors and fierce woodland monsters don’t murder him first.


Disclaimer – Thank you so much to JD Mitchell for sending me an e-review copy and a physical review copy of this book. I really appreciate it. I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Hi everyone!! I am back with another video. Today I am going to be reviewing a wonderful and engaging coming-of-age fantasy, Springtide Harvest by JD Mitchell. This is the first book in an unnamed series and was so much fun to read and I really liked the character-driven story we got to enjoy in this book.

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