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TITLE : The Sunny Adventure – A story about true friendship (Animal World #1) By Ira Alice

AUTHOR : Ira Alice

GENRE : Children’s Fiction, Adventure, Illustrated book

FR RATING : 5 Stars


Mother Fox asked her little daughter to go hunting and get some food for the very first time in her life. The little fox decided to catch the Sun since it looked very appetizing. Going in search of it, the girl had no idea she would meet a little toad Loudcroak who would become her faithful friend. This charming adventure story is filled with kindness, courage, and faith, teaching children how true friendship overcomes any obstacles. 


DISCLAIMER : Thank you, Ira Alice, for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I remember seeing this title on one of the book tours. I was unable to review it or even participate in it at the time. I was surprised when Ira contacted me to review the book. I received it a long time back and I am extremely grateful for her patience. Finally, I got to the book and I am happy I got the ARC of the book.

The story is about a mother fox who tells her baby fox to hunt for her own food. Baby Fox doesn’t know how to hunt or what to hunt for. She goes on her own trying to figure out what to hunt and what will make her mother happy. She decides to get the Sun as it looks great and tasty. She believes if she brought it back home her mom would be happy and proud of her. During her quest to hunt the sun she meets some unlikely companions who help her through her task. First, she meets a toad named LoudCroak who becomes her faithful friend in her journey. The story is sprinkled with beautiful illustrations that will capture the kid’s interest. The duo decides to get the sun and they meet few other characters who help them find the sun’s location. We see the fox and toad try their best not giving up on their goal and having hope that they will capture it the next day despite the difficulties they had during their journey.

The story of the baby fox and her first time hunting to get her own food is so cute and filled with good friendships and sweet messages. 18book is about hope, friendship and not giving up on your goals when faced with failure and also facing your fears to succeed in life. It is an adorable story with beautiful pictures that tells us the story effectively.

I am sure the kids will enjoy it. This will be definitely a book my kids will enjoy. I gave the book 5 stars. I am recommending this book to young readers and hope the parents will pick it up for them. The book has been translated into English and they have done a wonderful job of getting the essence of the story right for the readers and making sure the message stays true for the kids. The illustrations are absolutely stunning. I hope you get your kids this book to read. It is awesome.

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