TITLE : Moving Again!!! With Rylan And Henry

AUTHOR : Christy Jordan Wrenn

ILLUSTRATED BY : Christy Jordan Wrenn

GENRE : Children’s Fiction, Picture Books

FBRC RATING : 5 stars


This book is dedicated to military families that move thousands of miles each year. Rylan, a five-year-old, has been living in Anchorage, Alaska, with his family for four years. The family moved there soon after Rylan was born in North Dakota. Rylan loves riding his scooter outside, but he has been thinking about his dad, who is out of the country, working. Even Rylan’s pet mouse, Henry, couldn’t keep him from feeling lonesome for Dad. Talking at dinner, the family hears the front door being opened and banged shut. Who could it be? It was Dad, finally home! Soon after Dad’s arrival home, he and Mom tell the children that the family will be moving from Alaska to the “lower forty-eight states”-to the state of South Carolina. Rylan is not sure he wants to move. He is not sure what moving means. Can he take all his toys, building projects, trucks and cars, and bed? The moving truck is gone, and the family is on their way, traveling 4,421 miles to a new home. Come on an adventure with Rylan and his family from Anchorage through Canada, to their new house in South Carolina. Will Henry go with the family, be forgotten, or get packed in a box, left behind? 


DISCLAIMER : Thank you NetGalley and Authorhouse for providing me with an ARC of this book. I am leaving my honest review voluntarily.

Moving Again is written by Christy who took inspiration from her real life grand kids. The book is part of a series. I really liked how it’s done with the intention of catering to kids who come from military families and their parents might be deployed in war. The story is about Henry the pet mouse and Rylan his friend. Rylan spends his time by playing outside, talking with Henry the pet mouse. He is also thinking about his dad and how he misses his dad and the activities they would do together. Their family is settled in Alaska. One day when their dad arrives suddenly they are told about his new job and that they have to move to another place. Henry is the per mouse who is always close to him and keeps on eating chips and squeaking away. Despite the excitement shown by his sisters, Rylan is unsure of the move and worries about a lot of things like how he is going to take Henry to the new place, whether he will have new room and if all his stuff will get there and fit in the room and so on.

The illustrations were also done by the author. It had the feel of a kid’s drawing and it very clearly depicted the events described in the book. The book is cute and hopeful. The story is depicted with the Rylan exhibiting good manners, responding to their mom’s call, politely saying Yes Maam, all add to the fact that he is a well behaved child. He is responsible, a bit anxious about the move but overall wonderful and caring. This book is great for kids to read especially if they move a lot or are preparing to move. I gave it 5 stars and definitely recommend checking it out!!

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