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    2021 is on the way, and I don't really know how to feel about this year even after a month into it. January is over and I planned to start slow because I had a hard time with reading. I have been picking up some really emotional books and my mood was not in the best place when I picked them up. So I decided to not put pressure on myself and take it easy. I picked up 4, which seemed like a safe number to start with. I have a new all-time favorite, which also ironically happens to be an emotional read, but it was inspiring, beautiful, and uplifting…



    Hey guys!! How are you all doing? I hope you guys had a great reading month this January. I came back from vacation and everything was a little bit off the track and had some difficulty in getting back everything in order. So I wasn’t able to read all the books I had planned but I am happy I was able to read 6 of them. Three were really emotionally draining and I had to take small breaks in between them. I DNFed a book for the first time. I couldn’t get through it and so I am not rating it or including it in my wrap-up. I read 3…