Bookish Prompts is my version of a fun interview with fellow book obsessed people on the internet. Today’s episode of Bookish Prompts is with fellow bookstagrammer Nidhi better known as Bibliobubbles on Instagram. I have known Nidhi for some time now. She is also one of the loveliest OGs I know from bookstagram. Her bookstagram aesthetics is so beautiful and definitely among some of the best out there in terms of it’s aesthetics and presentation. She reads a lot of fantasy and romance and so if that interests you, make sure to check out her content.

Here is my Q & A with her. Hope you enjoy!!

Let’s get into the questions –

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your bookish habits. 

Helloo, I’m Nidhi.! I’m a bookstagrammer from India & most of my bookish friends there know me as bubbles becasue of my Instagram Id, which was actually inspired becasue of my sister who likes to call me bubbles.!?

I absolutely love reading fantasy and romance especially queer romances.! I’ve also started reading a lot of manga which I’m having an absolute blast with.! Oh and I enjoy reading the occasional thrillers and mythological fiction.!✨

2. What’s your reading ritual like? 

I don’t really having a particular reading ritual but if I really love a book or series, like if I become absolutely obsessed and invested in a story or characters, I go looking for fanarts after reading and then go on to look for fanfics on Ao3 (a website filled with any fanfiction you can think of), does that count as a ritual?✨

Hehe I have so much fun with this, it’s definitely a sort of a ritual for me.!✨

3. How has your reading journey been like? 

I actually started reading around 5th grade because it used to be compulsory to borrow books out of the school library.. which was me reading Famous five & Nancy Drew but my school’s collection of books was not very fascinating..?

I would also get my mum to buy me some mythology based story books becasue that was a topic which interested me a lot.!

Then during high school I saw the Percy Jackson movie and when I found it was based on books, I got the series and read it.. since then it’s been no turning back.! I actually binge read the series in a week and it’s what’s definitely got me full on into reading.!??

4. Your ideal reading place? 

I can actually read anywhere and everywhere.! Sometimes I prefer some quiet on days I’m easily distracted but most times noise is not an issue so a particular place isn’t really something of an importance to me.✨

5. What does your dream personal library look like? 

I really want to have a room filled with wall lined shelves where I can not only display my books but also put up my bookish merch collections with the books and make the shelves look all pretty and decorated.!??

I’ve even decided on the book arrangement.. it would be author wise and then series wise.. with standalones it would be arranged according to author, genre and book size.!✨

6. 5 books you wish you could read for the first time again? 

Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black. (Highly recommend if you need a vampire story)

Heaven Official’s Blessing by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu.

The Winternight trilogy by Katherine Arden.

The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic.

7. Books you would love to say no to? 

I don’t have any names but I would say no to books related to self-help & nonfiction.!

8. Books that changed your mindset or life drastically. 

I can’t say I’ve come across a book that’s changed my life or anything drastically.! I feel that’s because I’m already very open to learning and accepting things as I go.!?

9. Bookish worlds you would love to live in? 

I would love to live in Elfhame with my husband Cardan Greenbriar?

But seriously, faeries are an interesting fictional folk so i feel it would be most fascinating to meet them..?

Or I would also like to live in the Grishaverse to meet all the badass ladies from that series be it Ravka or Ketterdam.!?

10. If you could start a new reading or bookish tradition, what would it be? 

I think I would love it if people stopped insulting other’s reading tastes and preferences.. I see it happen so often that I wish I could do something about it.! Like I know not all books/genre are for everyone but there’s no need to fight/try to be mean to someone who enjoys a book or genre you wouldn’t when it is so easy to let everyone be and scroll past or ignore something you can’t relate to or don’t like.!?‍♀️

11. You are preparing a book bouquet for your family member, partner and friend. Which books would you add to each bouquet and why? 

I have a lot of non readers around but if I had to gift someone a bouquet of books, it would be a romance or a fantasy, nothing too complex so as to try and get them into reading.!?

12. I have always admired your Insta aesthetics. It is so pretty ?. One thing I have noticed is your bookish accessory collection. It’s amazing! So my question is if you could only collect one bookish accessory for the rest of your life, which one would it be and why?

Thank you so much.! I honestly feel like so awkward & shy when people compliment me for my account.! There’s so many better ones out there so it’s a really nice feeling to hear someone admire mine.!?

And damn this is such a hard question for a merch hoarder like me.! But if I must pick one, I would definitely go with enamel pins.! I absolutely love enamel pins and would collect them for life.! They’re just so lovely and the more detailed they are the more obsessed I am with them and someday I would love having a huge collection of enamel pins for all my favroite fandoms.!?❣️

13. A standalone, series, and author you can’t stop recommending. 

Off the top of my head, 

For a standalone, Heaven Official’s Blessing by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu definitely lives in my head rent free and I will never ever stop recommending it to everyone.!❤️

For a series, Heartstopper by Alice Oseman, like I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t love that series & everyone needs to read it.!!?

For an author, Leigh Bardugo.!❤️‍?

14. Favorite characters you would want in your inner circle and why? 

Cardan Greenbriar from Folk of the Air by Holly Black cuz he’s my husband???

Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan with all her amazing wit and wisdom.!✨

Hua Cheng from Heaven Official’s Blessing by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu because than I’ll have Xie Lian in my circle automatically cuz they are inseparable and invaluable Ofcourse.!❤️

Rhen from A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer & Nikolai from King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo would give valuable insights & would have a solution for any and every situations especially the latter, iykyk.!?

Zoya from the Grishaverse by Leigh Bardugo and Wu Zetian from Iron Widow cuz there’s need for badass and smart girls in all circles.!?

Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, if you want to know why just go read that duology and you’ll find out.!?

Silas from Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson becasue who wouldn’t want a power demon shapeshifter in their circle.!?

15. If you could live as a bookish character for a day, who would it be and why? 

I would love to live as a member of any of the Crow Club and meet our precious Crows from the Six of Crows duology.! Like spending a day on the streets of Ketterdam with them would be an absolute delight.!?

16. Genre you cannot live without. 


17. Bookish pet peeves. 

Dog eared and folded pages.! Like why would you do that.! Also I absolutely dislike it when a series have different covers and or size partway through.! It is soo sooo annoying.!

18. Tropes you would kill to read and tropes you would avoid at any cost.

Found family, slow burn, morally gray character, enemies to lovers are some tropes off the top of my head that I would I absolutely kill to read.!?

And some tropes I could do without are age-gap, instant love.! And the tropes of pregnancy, incest are some I would avoid at all cost whenever I can.!?

19. Quotes that live rent free in your head. 

There is no banquet in this world that doesn’t come to an end.

– Heaven Official’s Blessing by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu

I love him, with all that, becasue of all that. On purpose. I love him on purpose.

– Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them.

– The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

I would walk into the jaws of hell itself, if it were a path of my own choosing.

– The Bear and The Nightingale by Katherine Arden

No Mourners. No Funerals. Among them it passed for good luck.

– Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

20. Most shocking book and an unforgettable book that you have read.

I read a monster romance series this year called The Spider’s Mate by Tiffany Roberts.! It was my first time reading a monster romance and shockingly I picked a spider romance when I absolutely hate spiders haha.! But the book was so much more than just a romance, the intricate world building of the alien planet with a spider like species, the plot twists and politics in the story and the characters and their growth was so much more amazing than I expected.! I really enjoyed this trilogy.! So I would say this a unforgettable book that opened my interest to reading more monster romances.!?

21. Favorite and unforgettable bookish memory. 

I couldn’t possibly have a single one as It’s been a memorable journey of reading books and making bookish friends with all the various conversations and fun times I have had.! All these memories are absolutely precious to me.!??

22. Any strange bookish habits?

I don’t really have any strange bookish habits.! Not that I can recall of.!

23. It’s book confession time…

So I had this really bad habit some years ago, I used to sneak a peek at the last few pages or chapter of a book because I had absolute zero patience and spoil myself.! I haven’t done it in years now so there’s that.!?

24. Your ‘The Book Bucket List’. 

So I’ve two things on this list.

  • I would love to visit some bookstores in countries abroad if or when I ever visit, there’s a lot of independent and major bookstores on that list.?
  • I would love to visit a book festival someday and meet my favroite authors.!?

25. Recommend 5 books that you could never get tired of recommending.

Ah, all these question were so much fun.. Although some were hard but oh so much fun.!!?Other than the books I mentioned above which I would love to read for the first time again..

  • Heaven Official’s Blessing by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu because this book is one which needs multiple mention as I will never ever stop recommending it.! I kid you not when I say it lives in my head rent free all the time.!
  • The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare, now I’ve read till the mortal instruments only and have yet to read the further series but I know for sure TID will always be my favroite and I will never tire of recommending it.!
  • Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao, this book will grip you to the very end and won’t let go.! And there’s various elements to this book which will come together so well, it will leave you crave for more and lucky for us there’s a second book coming.
  • The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochrun.. this queer romance book has all the feels in it with diverse reps.!
  • Omniscient reader’s viewpoint by Sing Shong, like I haven’t even finished this book yet and already can’t stop recommending it.!! The sheer detailing in this apocalyptic story is worth everything.!

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