TITLE : You And Me On Vacation

AUTHOR : Emily Henry

GENRE : Romance, Contemporary, Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit

FR RATING : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(Stars)

DATE OF PUBLISHING : July 22nd 2021


DISCLAIMER : Thank you, Netgalley and Penguin UK for providing me with an ARC of this book. I am leaving this review voluntarily.

You And Me on Vacation by Emily Henry is my new favorite romance and I have been chasing after this exact feeling for some time now. It’s a second chance friends-to-lovers romance. Poppy and Alex are the exact opposites and did not like each other on their first meeting. To say it was awkward and tense would be an understatement. Despite the rocky start the two of them end up taking a trip back home together and realize they might have been too hasty in forming their opinions on each other. Poppy is eccentric, fun, quirky, and outgoing and Alex is the quiet guy who prefers to stay indoors and enjoy a book. The two start a friendship that becomes the highlight of their lives. With more time they not only become inseparable they also plan summer vacations together on a budget. Everything was amazing until two summers ago when things got really bad. Can Poppy and Alex repair their friendship? Will they ever be the same?

I have previously read Beach Read and enjoyed it. But the darker themes in it were a bit of a shock to me as I wasn’t expecting it and it also felt a little out of place in the story. I loved it but it wasn’t my favorite. Now when it comes to You And Me On Vacation, I had the best time with this. This was the friends-to-lovers I wanted and Emily delivered it tenfold. If a story can give me the feels then it’s going to have a special place in my heart. It was heartwarming to see the friendship bloom, the shift in their relationship, the denial, and finally, the get-together was all worth it. Usually, friends-to-lovers romances or the tropes don’t excite me because often we don’t get to see the journey of the couple or their interactions especially when it comes to second-chance friends-to-lovers. I read Anchored Hearts last month, and this was exactly what was missing in it. I remember feeling let down by the lack of interactions that showed us their journey and the friendship but rather had to rely on the author telling us they were amazing as a couple before. Thankfully, this story gave us all the flashbacks to help us build a connection with each of them, get us invested in them enough to cheer their friendship and their potential romance.

The romance was sweet and I loved how wonderful and compatible they were with each other. They complemented each other very well. We could feel the love, respect, and care they had for each other and that made the story all the more special.The characters were great and I loved their polar opposite personalities. The two of them made the best team I have ever met in a long time. I enjoyed their banter, and how pushy Poppy can bring out a side of Alex that’s only visible with Poppy. He was a sweetheart with perfect manners and the pragmatism that Poppy didn’t have. While Poppy is like a loose cannon she was not without her charms. She was the pop of color and energy that livened up the relationship and seeing the two of them work together was so satisfying, warm, and buttery.

The conflict that happened is something that can happen in friendships and there are times when hurt, pride, ego all can cause even more of a distance. While the situation is not the worst to happen it can also be the one thing, two people, as close as Poppy and Alex to leave intended because of their shared history. Long-time insecurities reared tits ugly head adding to the problems. The very same thing that was their strength failed them when the difficulties came. Being in denial didn’t help either. Neither of them was ready to talk or make the move to bridge the gap that formed between them. As a result, not only did their friendship suffer, it also destroyed the very essence of them leaving the two adrift.

The writing was good and the pacing also helped keep up the suspense of the fall-out. It was a long road to get to the climax and the reveal, but I believe it worked perfectly well because we got to experience their journey as friends and then the transition as well. The story was for me execution at its best and brought a lot of joy and warm feelings that I am sure I will hold onto for a long time. I also got a new favorite couple and a favorite book boyfriend out of this. So, altogether this was a great choice of book for me. I have to say things worked out perfectly. While we don’t get to see the two as a couple a lot it still gives you that I want more feeling and that makes this story even better.

Overall, if you are a fan of romances that takes us through the journey of the couple and enjoy longer stories that deliver heartwarming romance, then definitely pick this one up. Poppy and Alex will sweep you off your feet and their romance will make you want for more. This is the perfect vacation companion you could ask for and is guaranteed to give you a good time. If this story doesn’t make you want to travel at the end of the book, I don’t know what to say honestly. The itch to pick up things and just go on a road trip or a vacation is so tempting. I really loved this book and gave it 5 warm, buttery stars. I highly recommend checking this one out.



12 SUMMERS AGO: Poppy and Alex meet. They hate each other, and are pretty confident they’ll never speak again.

11 SUMMERS AGO: They’re forced to share a ride home from college and by the end of it a friendship is formed. And a pact: every year, one vacation together.

10 SUMMERS AGO: Alex discovers his fear of flying on the way to Vancouver.
Poppy holds his hand the whole way.

7 SUMMERS AGO: They get far too drunk and narrowly avoid getting matching tattoos in New Orleans.

2 SUMMERS AGO: It all goes wrong.

THIS SUMMER: Poppy asks Alex to join her on one last trip. A trip that will determine the rest of their lives.

You and Me on Vacation is a love story for fans of When Harry Met Sally and One Day. Get ready to travel the world, snort with laughter and – most of all – lose your heart to Poppy and Alex.


    • Fazila KP

      I am also not a big fan of travelling. Being in new places is kind of anxiety inducing for me. But books have always helped me to get to different places and experience them differently. This book and the way the character’s love for travel also made want to travel.

      I am so happy to hear my review made you want to pick it up and go.?

  • Liz Dexter

    This sounds great and I like your very precise description of what you want out of a book and what the other books didn’t give you! I didn’t like One Day but I think that’s because the heroine was my exact contemporary and was my age when I was reading the book and then it freaked me out!

    • Fazila KP

      It was a great read. I liked this one better than her first book. I also enjoyed that one. Emily Henry is becoming a sure-buy author for me.

      That’s too bad! I haven’t come across feeling like that before with a book. That must have been a bumper!

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