TITLE : Wartime With The Cornish Girls

AUTHOR : Betty Walker

GENRE : Historical Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Romance

FR RATING : ⭐⭐⭐(3.75 Stars)

DATE OF PUBLISHING :   29th April 2021


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Wartime With The Cornish Girls by Betty Walker is a heartwarming and uplifting historical fiction that centers around three women who come together through certain events in their lives. Germany is bombing London and during the 1940s a war is being fought even in the rural areas. Violet has lost her sister to one of the bombings and her brother-in-law is MIA. She does not want her nieces to be in danger and so she takes them to Cornwall to Violet’s aunt’s farm. Hazel is working at a secret military base in Porthcurno trying to keep her home together while her son is acting out because of the absence of his father. Eva a young girl, the daughter of the Captain flees her uncle’s home to become a dancer and then is forced to return to Porthcurno after a lucky escape from death. The three women meet and their lives get tangled together in ways they do not expect.

This is a sweet story that is women-centric with wonderfully written characters leading the story forward. We get to see the progression of the plot through all the three women and get to know them very closely. All three of them offer their contributions to the army in their way supporting the military effort. They work very hard and tries their hardest to hold onto any positivity they could find. It tells the story of a family, a second-chance love, slow-developing friendships, and a wonderful and supportive group of women who had each other’s backs all through the story.

Each woman had their own storyline and they were wrapped pretty satisfactorily for two of them and the open ending for one of the characters was not my favorite. I like having a happy ending for the characters and so when I didn’t get it for the part, it was a bit disappointing. This is just a personal opinion. I would have also loved to see an epilogue with all of them together sometime in the future. I am sure there is a possibility of that as this is the first book in the series.

The characters in the book were all well crafted. I enjoyed knowing each of their backstories and seeing them and getting to know them better was a delight. Violet is headstrong, bold, and straightforward. Eva is confident, cheerful with a sunny personality. She is a force to be reckoned with. Hazel is quieter and less confident of herself. She is quite passive but at the same time has a lot of inner strength. The side characters were also quite good. I loved Alice and George so much. The romantic relationships could have been better developed. I can understand that the ongoing war might have sped up things a little bit, but the romantic relationships felt insta-lovey for the most part.

Although the book is set during a raging war and blitzes, the story didn’t feel ominous and the tone was always uplifting and full of hope. I enjoyed this story and I think will be great for people who love to read lighter historical fiction. This was sweet and simple with a good cast of characters.

Overall, this is a story for people who enjoy light-hearted heartwarming historical fiction with themes of friendship, love, and a small mystery added into the mix. I enjoyed the book and am giving it 3.75 stars. I think everyone should check it out.

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1941. The Blitz rages over London.

And even in Cornwall, the war is being fought…

When Violet loses her sister in the Blitz, she must take her nieces to safety in Cornwall. On the coast, she meets carefree chorus girl Eva, who is also running from the dangers of London.

But Porthcurno hides a secret military base, and soon Violet and Eva realise there’s a battle to fight in Cornwall, too.

Together with local Hazel, who works on the base, they must come together to help the war effort. But will their friendship be enough to kee p them safe?

The perfect uplifting wartime read for fans of Nancy Revell and Donna Douglas.

Source : Goodreads

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