TITLE : Warrior’s Ransom (The First Argentines #2)

AUTHOR : Jeff Wheeler

GENRE : Fantasy, Young Adult, Epic Fantasy

FR RATING : ⭐⭐⭐⭐(Stars)

DATE OF PUBLISHING : May 18th 2021


DISCLAIMER : Thank you, Netgalley, and 47North for providing me with an ARC of this book. I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Warrior’s Ransom by Jeff Wheeler is the second book in The First Argentines Series. We continue on in this story with Ransom going on a journey to the Eastern Kingdoms seeking blessings from the fountain. He returns from his pilgrimage to meet with his love Claire de Murrow and express his feelings. He is also in need of a patron for his skills and needs to be honor-bound to his patron. On his return, he finds himself in a position of favor from the Elder King Devon Argentine and is assigned two wards of his own to take care of. With more responsibilities comes great sacrifice. Nothing comes easy for Ransom as we witnessed in the first book, and the pattern continues on in this one as well. Ransom must serve his King and make sure to keep the peace in the kingdom amid the family drama, court politics, and treachery that threatens to bring the King down. Ransom has to make hard decisions against the enemy that is bringing war and his loyalties will be tested to their extreme.

The story takes a life of its own with events being placed to bring forward certain outcomes and yet somehow Jeff wheeler manages to keep the story interesting and exciting to read. There are battle scenes, epic betrayals, moral decisions to make, and court politics devouring the peace. I love how much there were parallel circumstances events from the Kingfountain series and this series. Despite the similarities, the events take a life of their own and the author’s decisions regarding the decision-making process for the previous series really helped me see the wisdom in his writing choices. The framework is similar to the first book and follows Ransom and his patron and the choices they make. Claire’s perspective is again given to us through her letters and diary entries.

I loved seeing Ransom come into his own and make decisions more carefully, with the full knowledge of the evil and good his actions can cause. Despite personal losses and testing of his limits, he continues to be honor-bound and respectful of his patron and their choices till their last breath. This is very much an in-depth exploration and development of Ransom’s character and we see his life shape him to be the most loyal, and honorable man to have ever served a patron.

The Poisoner’s presence is very prevalent and we see the dangers put forward to the Kingdom and its stability and the Crown. While both series as I have mentioned have similar themes and repetition of events, the way each character dealt with them are vastly different making this story even more intriguing to follow.

The ancient legends, the lore of the Kingfountain, the immersive world, and interwoven stories and worlds all come together to bring forward an epic story that has equal importance in plot and character building. I wish more younger readers read his books and explore the vast world and characters he has created.

Overall, this book builds on the first book and takes us on an unforgettable journey for Ransom, and takes us through his tumultuous life. I am really excited to see how the next book will shape up to be with the cliffhanger Jeff Wheeler left us within this book. This is the perfect YA epic fantasy series all readers should try out and explore. It’s massive in its scale of world-building with parallel worlds and interwoven worlds coming into play and references to the former made in the stories. It’s easily accessible, simple in its execution, and effortlessly engaging. I am giving the book 4 stars and looking forward to reading the next book.

Do you have any fantasy series for YA that explores different worlds and the stories are interconnected? If so, please drop me your recommendations in the comment box below.


After a pilgrimage to the East Kingdoms seeking a blessing from the Fountain, source of the land’s magic, Sir Ransom Barton returns home in search of two dreams: Claire de Murrow, the heiress he loves, and a patron for his warrior skills. Unexpectedly, Ransom finds himself in the favor of Devon, the notorious Elder King. Brought into the ruler’s mesnie and given two wards of his own, Ransom is devoted to his privileged new position. He’s also privy to the running of the realm and to all its courtly intrigues—notably, the machinations of the king’s three remaining sons, all engaged in a manipulative battle to become heir to the throne.

As Ransom is thrust into the middle of poisonous family conspiracies and betrayals, allegiances are shattered, and Ransom fears he may end up serving his worst enemy—or worse, face exile for demonstrating loyalty.

Drawing on his developing powers, Ransom takes up arms against the dark forces coming in a war that will test the limits of his courage and determine the fate of the dangerous and fractious Argentine dynasty. 

Source : Goodreads

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