Shadow Of The Winter Moon By Cam Sinclair | Spoiler-Free Review


TITLE : Shadow Of The WinterMoon (The Kraven Kronicles #1)

AUTHOR : Cam Sinclair

GENRE : Grimdark Fantasy

Intended Age Group: Adult

Pages: 357

DATE OF PUBLISHING : October 9, 2022


Drunk … Scoundrel … Thief … Vagabond … Fool …

Reelum Hangs has been called many things, and at one time or other has resembled them all. Reelum, however, knows a dark and terrible secret—one that delves right to the heart of Kraven city.

Sharrock is a grisly veteran from the harsh lands north of the Riven Expense—a brutish man with a hard temper and harder reputation. When a business opportunity presents the seemingly simple task of locating Reelum Hangs and providing a solution to his money woes, Sharrock is set on a course that will forever alter his life.

Foul conspiracies that may threaten the very fabric of society will be uncovered. Scores will be settled, violence and mayhem unleashed, and bestial lusts unfettered to rampage without restraint. The notion of right and wrong, hero and villain, action and consequences will forever be skewed and tainted.

Welcome to the Kraven Kronicles …


Disclaimer – Thank you so much to Cam Sinclair for sending me a physical review copy of this book. I really appreciate it. I am leaving this review voluntarily.

 Hey everyone!! Today’s video is a dedicated book review for Shadow Of The Winter Moon by Cam Sinclair. This was a crazy and twisted ride and is not for the faint-hearted. This debut novel is a filthy grimdark fantasy and sets the stage with the right tone, themes, style and characterizations for the upcoming books. Highly recommend checking it out if you enjoy reading dark fiction or dark fantasy..

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