Hey books!!

What’s your favorite rom-com to read for Valentine’s day? Who are your favorite book boyfriends??

What I’m reading….

I love when a book can make me laugh-out-loud, spit-your-drinks out and that’s exactly these two does for me every single time I read them. I have enjoyed my re-reading of these two and will continue to be my favorite companions for the days I need a cheer up. I do have other favorites I love to read for the feels, but I’ve Got Your Number and The Rosie Project gives me the laughs and feels together. And right now, we could all agree that laughs and feels will always be the winner combo for us romantics. So these are going to be the winners for today as I haven’t read any new romances lately and can only speak from my limited list of favorites. I loved The Hating Game and Island Affair. So if you haven’t read those, I would highly recommend checking it out. Also Priscilla Oliveras has a new book Anchored Hearts, that’s coming soon in April and I am stoked to read it.

If you want some inspiration for your next romance read, Goodreads have some amazing lists that are curated especially for all types of romance lovers out there. Wanna check it out?? Click here!!

What I’m listening to….

I am not much of a music person, but when I listen to music, I love how a song makes me feel. So these are the two that I haven’t been able to get out of my head now. The first is Minefields and the Next is All Of Me. Wanna listen to it with me??

Source : Youtube

Source : Youtube

How’s your Valentine’s day going on so far?? Let me know your favorite rom-com to read, to watch and binge. If you have any new romance book recommendations I need to check out Pronto, leave them down in the comment section down below..

Sending you guys all the love!! ❤️??


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