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That’s my face! Because, I can’t even look at anyone right now. I am so embarrassed. I am 32 and I didn’t even know or understand a fandom like this even existed!! I didn’t know there was this massive fan base dedicated to creating all these memes and skits.. Where the heck have I been my whole life?? Also, more importantly, how do I catch up??? Also, how do I stop this madness?? Where’s the PAUSE button??

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I have been in a bit of a funk for a while now, and so I was scrolling aimlessly through booktoks and saw the hype surrounding the new SJM book – ACOSAF. So, me being me decided to check them out. It was madness… I kid you not! It was absolute chaos and I loved it. Made me laugh-out-loud and that was the beginning of this crazy obsession. I decided to commit myself to this series and see what I think. Mind you, by this time I had already scoured Instagram and booktoks for all the basic necessities like memes and skits and fanart for sustenance. And the entire fandom to me….

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Now I can safely say that I have gone down a rabbit hole and have no idea how to get out of it alive and in full pieces. By now I have already listened to 2 books from the series and so far I have enjoyed it. I am on my way through the 3rd book in this series. I think I am getting attached to the characters in an unhealthy way mainly because of the above-mentioned memes and booktoks. But I still think it’s a good series for people who love great character-development settings and flawed people. I can see the flaws with the writing, where things get repetitive, the plot is minimal when it comes to each book but I also am seeing an overarching plot that is further progressed by our main characters and their individual journeys. I found the characters to be relatable, even though they were different creatures and of fantastical origin.

I am equally rolling my eyes and constantly asking in my head – “Is this how people talk? ” and still entertained by the story and the drama that is unfolding. The other thing I noticed was there was quite a bit of telling and not showing and normally this would drive me up the wall, but in this case it didn’t. the reason for that was mainly because it was through the character’s eyes and so when something was told related to the world or the other characters I could accept that. I am happy it didn’t happen with the said said character’s POVs.

Also, if you didn’t know this already, the books are 18+, and for those sheltered souls out there I would say 21+ or after marriage…? I can agree that, it does have that *wink* *wink* a lot more than I expected and I wish we had more banter on-page, and I thought the prelude to the said *wink* *wink* was fine, but the actual *wink* *wink* could have been fade-to-black. That’s my humble opinion. PLEASE DON’T COME FOR ME !!????

I wouldn’t say it’s just fairy s*** and make it less than what it is. There are some wonderful teaching moments when it comes to relationships, finding yourself, how to be a strong and supportive partner, and so much more. I am loving the female friendships, character flaws, and found families this book has to offer. And so here I am now with a massive TBR that’s giving me death stares while I am going down the rabbit hole of memes and skits of ACOTAR and trying to finish the series. I know I am playing a dangerous game, but we bookworms are rather a risky lot, aren’t we??

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Now that I have rambled on and on about my latest obsession, I feel lighter. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am excited and yet anxious about everything that might happen with the series. I don’t know if I can handle it. But finger’s crossed. ???

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Fellow bookish obsessors (dunno if it’s a word..?), if you have another series that I need to get myself committed to or any fandoms I haven’t been aware of, because of my perpetual ignorance don’t hesitate to educate me over it. I would love to see more recommendations and suggestions from you guys. So what are you guys waiting for?? The comment section is open.. Let the bid for FANDOMS begin!!!!!

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