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TITLE : Beautifully Imperfect, Flawlessly Incomplete

AUTHOR : Fiza Meeraj

GENRE : Poetry

FR RATING : ⭐⭐⭐⭐(4 – 4.5 Stars)

DATE OF PUBLISHING :   25th February 2021


Trigger Warnings : Mention of Depression & Suicide.

DISCLAIMER : Thank you, Fiza Meeraj for providing me with an ARC of this book. I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Beautifully Imperfect, Flawlessly Incomplete is a lovely collection of poems from the debut poet/author Fiza Meeraj. This was a beautiful book and I am very happy to have read it. I am not much of a poetry person, but when I saw the chance to review this poetry collection, I took the plunge and I am glad I did. The book is divided into different sections by theme and there are sets of poems assigned to each section. Some of them are longer and others are shorter. The three sections are Societal, which is based on societal issues of our world, Personal which as its name suggests deals with personal conflicts, mental health issues, faith, ups and downs of life and lastly General Poems which are about general topics and drops commentary on them.

As a whole, the poems were really good and I enjoyed them a lot. It was a raw and captivating read. The humanity, honesty, and passion that shines through Fiza’s words were mesmerizing. I loved how the topics and themes surrounding her poems were equally thought-provoking and heart-breaking. The up-close and personal nature of the poems helps us see the author’s perspective. The poems show her passion for societal issues and I could easily connect with her on those issues and feel her emotions while reading them. For me, this shows her talent and her drive when it comes to poetry. We also get to see her perspective and understand where she is coming from, her pain, her anger, and her frustrations with all of the matters discussed. The poems are evidence of her strength and bravery and highlight them very well.

Some poems were more impactful than the others and these resonated with me deeply. The societal poems and the personal poems pulled me in and gripped me evoking strong emotions. I found myself relating to the thoughts and agreeing with Fiza’s assessment of them. The topics of oppression, racism, patriarchy, the Syrian issue, humanity, power dynamics are all effectively executed. The personal poems to me was, like intimate thoughts pouring out onto the page without any inhibition hindering the creative process. Shackled, Tapestry, Abandoned Palace, Recovery Plan, Hope is hopeless are the poems that provide us insight into issues our youth faces on a day to day life. Depression, suicide, hopelessness, identity issues, faith, and recovery are all discussed in the poem from the author’s viewpoint. I could feel the pain and the hurt through the words. The general poems dealt with wider topics and Life Cycle Of A Human Being, Coffee were some of my favorites among them.

I’ll include some snippets from my favorites to let you guys have a glimpse into her writing style and get a feel for it. The poems really surprised me when it comes to the depth and clarity of emotions. Most of the topics and poems were very intense making it an effectively emotionally charged reading experience. This is just a teaser..

So, hold your heads high while your eyes are blind and drooped below,

Welcome to society, a place where man’s heart is built with stone


Had many goals, wanted to live a certain way,

But a lifeless body under mud is what you finally became


I know there are souls who are sinless and free… so I often wonder, why out of so many souls would you want to listen to me?


Water may have tried to drown her, but she left her impact, she drowned and let water drown with her,

And she was remembered… because they no longer call him water, but they call her by her first name.


While most of the poems were powerful in their delivery and messaging, some lost their intensity because of the long structure and so it lacked the natural flow. For a debut author, she shows talent and passion. She is definitely a poet to keep an eye out for. I am impressed by the style, which to me read more like a freestyle, spoken-word composition.

Overall, it’s a beautiful collection of poems and I am looking forward to reading more works from her. If you enjoy spoken word, or poetry you should try this book out. I gave the book 4 – 4.5 stars. It is a wonderful and impactful book with lots of important messages and themes that opens the table for a wider discussion. I believe words have the power to change minds and Fiza Meeraj is definitely on that path. I hope her words will continue to do that moving forward. I urge you to go buy this book and support the debut poet Fiza Meeraj.

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Fiza Meeraj is the writer of this book Beautifully Imperfect, Flawlessly Incomplete. Her work uses poetry to explore societal as well as personal themes. Fiza is a university student at Kings College, London. She started writing poetry at the age of eleven, as a coping mechanism to speak out about personal and societal issues which she felt the need to address in the form of writing. She hopes her writing, can act as an antidote towards the world’s greatest issues such as patriarchy and war, as well as act as a source of comfort to those who cannot express their emotion in the form of words.

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The poetry in this book is raw and riveting, and does not allow the reader off the metaphorical hook for responsibility to create a better world – not even for a moment.
Despite this, or perhaps because of it, the poems themselves ring with a kind of beauty and imagery that is wonderful to behold, intriguing, complex and rich.

Source : Goodreads

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