If you are that person who gets emotionally attached to fictional characters at the end of reading a book, then you’ll find yourself at home at Fazila’s Book Review Corner (FBRC) now Fazila Reads. This blog is for all those lovely people out there who call themselves the “Printoverts”. Fazila’s Book Review Corner (FBRC) now Fazila Reads is going to be the ultimate hangout station for us book nerds, TRUST ME. We are going to be the best of friends, I just know it.
You know that moment when you finish reading a good book and you reluctantly return to reality? Man!! That feeling of longing to get back to the world of books is something indescribable. Knowing that I am not the only person who goes through a book hangover is something we have in common, right? I am a person who prefers reading books to socializing. Once I have finished reading a book, then all I want is to endlessly talk about it; and this blog is my outlet.
I welcome all of you PRINTOVERTS out there to join me, support me and hang out with me as I navigate through the beautifully mesmerizing world of BOOKS. Fazila’s Book Review Corner (FBRC) now Fazila Reads will be the perfect place to get your book-fix, reviews, upcoming releases, book deals, book quotes and so much more…. I hope you are all ready for a crazy ride through the magical world of BOOKS…


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